04 Jun 2019

Educating kids to become entrepreneurs and reconnect with core principles and values

“Educating kids to become entrepreneurs and reconnect with core principles and values”

Last January, our founder Arnaud Saint-Paul had an interview at 7Ora morning program in Kosovo.

During this interview, Arnaud was asked about the reaction children had in relation with the Give app to what he answered: “They loved it”.

He talked about Give Nation’s values and mission:

“We are here to create the nation of all the kids in the world, a nation where sharing and giving are the most important. With Give, kids from 5-18 can learn how to manage money, they learn how to invest positively and earn money, and lastly, they learn how to support charities”.

“We look to help kids to reconnect with principles such as empathy, compassion, and altruism. In terms of financial literacy, we aim to teach kids how to become entrepreneurs”.

Give Nation started in 2017. In 2018, a pilot took place in Pristina, Kosovo with 800 kids.

Furthermore, In Kosovo, Give will start a bigger pilot in Q4-2019 before scaling to the whole country.

The interview concluded with Arnaud’s vision for GIVE’s impact on Kosovo: “We are here to reach out the people who may be interested in our initiative in Kosovo so that we all together can create this ecosystem with Give economy. We want that Kosovan kids can grow up happier and more prosperous”.

Watch the whole interview here https://give.si/7ora

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of public school students are at or above Proficient in grade 4 reading

Americans are functionally illiterate and cannot read above a fifth-grade level

of children arrive at school lacking the skills necessary for lifetime learning

of high school dropouts are on government welfare assistance programs

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GIVE Nation is a global social impact project with the goal of making a positive impact for a better human existence.

GIVE Nation
 provides support to empower children so they can take part in crafting a better tomorrow.

Our mission for change is achievable by partnering with advanced technology,  leading educational programs, moral businesses, transparent charities, and kids that want to ‘get ahead’.

Encourage your children to use the GIVE Nation mobile application and share it with your community to get rewards for giving today!

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