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Words of inspiration by our collaborators and supporters.

Jane Oates

Jane Oates

Former U.S. Department of Labor official, President at Working Nation, Board Member at GIVE Nation

“GIVE Nation allows young people to practice their academic skills while inspiring their philanthropic spirit. Pairing financial literacy with charitable giving allows students to prepare themselves for their future while they improve their local and global communities.”

Michael Jay Solomon

Michael Jay Solomon

American Businessman, Entertainment Executive, Board Member at GIVE Nation

“GIVE Nation is a refreshing and unique ecosystem that seeks to empower the next generation with the very best qualities our world direly needs: altruism and sustainability.”

Drita Kaidru

Drita Kadriu

Kosovo's Minister of Education

“GIVE is an incubator for young people to learn finance, entrepreneurship and innovation to prepare future businessmen and women who can learn by doing.”

Alejandro De La Parra Solomon

Alejandro De La Parra Solomon

Executive Board at WAMS, The World Academy of Medical Sciences, Director of GIVE Nation Mexico

“GIVE Nation is a ground-breaking catalyst for positive change, seeding core humanitarian values in children, while edifying a vision of hope through education by doing. Our future depends on our capacity to learn, apply, create, and give back to each other.”

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