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Give a purpose to pocket money. Together, we truly make a difference, one young mind at a time.
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Making a Difference Together


“GIVE is an incubator for young people to learn finance, entrepreneurship and innovation to prepare future businessmen and women who can learn by doing.” Drita Kadriu, Director of Higher Education/ Minister of Education of Kosovo.


GIVE Nation encourages an altruistic culture in young minds, improving the planet through promoting transparent acts of kindness. Future generations achieve happiness and sustainable financial well-being through a real-world education using digital currencies, blockchain and A.I. technology, while supporting charities. GIVE Nation is a world for kids by kids.

Everyone wins when a new generation chooses to practice humanitarianism safely in a nurtured environment by parents, caregivers, local communities, educators, charities, and most importantly: The GIVE Kids!

Discover your true super power by participating in GIVE Nation’s charity campaigns.
GIVE Kids are saving the planet by; cleaning the World’s Oceans, planting trees in the Amazon, and helping educate other children in Africa… all with a super simple, single “tap”!

Social Impact

It is our passion to ensure the 2.2 Billion children on the planet can not only survive, but have the opportunity to thrive no matter their physical location. Research suggests simple changes found within sustainable financial literacy and providing children an opportunity to partake in an ecosystem like GIVE, opens the door for our youth to be educated, natural, and generous beings.

Through the GIVE mobile application, children get the DIRECT experience of giving, as a result they feel more included and engaged in blessing others. Scientific studies have proven, the younger we practice the art of giving, the more likely we are to continue and improve our mental and physical health. Obviously, to see a positive end result gives children a bigger incentive to repeat positive behaviors.

Pocket Money & Financial Literacy

Allowance is a $300B+ market worldwide according to several studies; “A 2012 survey by the American Institute of CPAs found that the average American child makes around $780 per year from his or her allowance, or $65 per month. However, only 1% of parents said their kids actually save any of their allowance”. 

Financial mismanagement is widespread all over the world.

Because money management cannot be inherited, it can only be learned and practiced. Learn about savings, investing, goal setting, budgeting and giving by joining Give Nation.

Our app provides an amazing learning content that teaches FinLit in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, practice all your learnings within the app and see the benefits for yourself.

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