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With the world’s leading experts in literacy, schools and charities, 
GIVE Nation provides a game that teaches money management skills
in a safe ecosystem to practice!

GIVE Nation rewards kids for good deeds and acts of kindness!

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Making a Difference, Together


GIVE is an incubator for young people to learn finance, entrepreneurship and innovation to prepare future businessmen and women who can learn by doing.”

Drita Kadriu, Director of Higher Education/ Minister of Education of Kosovo.

Altruism. GIVE Back!

GIVE partners with charities and helps children to learn more about giving back. When kids make the choice to give, GIVE Nation rewards!


Discover your true SUPER POWER by participating in GIVE Nation’s charity campaigns!

Our kids are actively saving the planet by:

  • cleaning the World’s Oceans,
  • planting trees in the Amazon,
  • helping educate other children in Africa…

All with a super simple, single “tap”!

Social Impact. Change the World!

GIVE is here to make a difference. There are 2.2 Billion children on the planet. Each deserve the same opportunities no matter their physical location.

Research suggests providing sustainable financial literacy in an ecosystem like GIVE allows development of much needed “soft skills”, while still giving your child the competitive edge to ‘get ahead’!


This is your chance to:

  • Play a GAME!
  • Get SMART!
  • Get REWARDS!

Big Problem. Financial mismanagement.

FACTAllowance is a $300B+ market worldwide according to several studies; “A 2012 survey by the American Institute of CPAs found that the average American child makes around $780 per year from his or her allowance, or $65 per month. However, only 1% of parents said their kids actually save any of their allowance”.

This sets our kids up for financial failure as adults.


Money management HAS TO BE learned and practiced! 

  • savings,
  • investing,
  • goal setting,
  • budgeting,
  • and giving,

is FUN gaming experience at GIVE Nation.


We can help! So can YOU!

Our mission for change is achievable through partnering with leading educational programs, transparent charities.

Globally recognized scientists are guiding the world on how to prevent further damage to our planet.
GIVE Nation provides support to children changing the world. 

Please encourage your children to use the GIVE Nation mobile application and share it with your community!

GIVE Nation is a global social impact project with the goal of making a positive impact for a better human existence.

Stay up to date on our events, educational and business partnerships, new additions to our mobile app, and support our GIVE Kid Ambassadors.

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