G is for Generosity
“Generosity and compassion have been a focal point of research for decades, and studies have consistently shown that improved mood, better physical health and increased longevity are connected to giving” Source.

At GIVE Nation kids can:

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I  is for Invest
Since 2012, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development or OECD has prioritized financial literacy as an important ability stating it should be taught in our schools. Sustainable Financial Management is a skill desperately needed to bring equality to disadvantaged children. Source.

At GIVE Nation Kids

Learn Financial Management  | Practice Financial Literacy

V is for Value
“The problem with teaching children to share with someone who is not in front of them is an issue of deferred gratification — the same reason a person donates to a beggar in lieu of a charity. There is a tangible interaction when handing a dollar to the person who will spend it, but for most charities you don’t know exactly where your money goes; you know the general area your money will go towards, but you can’t be 100 percent sure…” Source.

 At GIVE Nation donations are tracked using blockchain technology

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E is for Education
Curricula developed by world experts in sustainable financial literacy like Aflatoun International and the London Institute of Banking and Finance will be made available.

At GIVE Nation Kids

Learn Soft Skills | Earn Rewards 

GIVE Nation, A World For Kids, By Kids! 

Kids using the GIVE Nation ecosystem:

Gain encouragement and joy from helping others.
Inspire communities with their happy humanitarian hearts.
Value having a direct impact on their environment.
Empower peers by including everyone in good deeds.

Never cease to be moral leaders.
Appreciate all living things.
Together: change the world for the better.
Imagine a world of integrity and require transparency in their communities,
Orientate others to their passion towards making a difference.
Nurturing a world based on altruism, empathy and compassion.

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Quick Info

The free GIVE mobile app allows kids to manage their funds. They are taught and able to save, invest, donate and earn more funds. For transparency and safety; transactions and record keeping are executed using smart contracts with blockchain technology. We partner with reputable honest and dependable businesses, so children can purchase products and services on our curated marketplace!  Kids can also promote their favorite products and charities.

GIVE‘s Non-profit allows communities, parents, schools, businesses and investors to support kids by enabling them to experience the benefits and rewards of giving to others in need, while learning and practicing personal finance. Contact us to be apart of this philanthropic revolution!

With the GIVE ecosystem, an environment is offered to kids that will give them the satisfaction of giving back to the community while experiencing the transformational power of sustainable financial literacy and getting a digital reward to do so!

GIVE Nation uses science and new technology through our blockchain- AI gamified app to solve trust and transparency issues with donation giving.

Even though there’s relief knowing where each donation goes, the real treat is giving agency to children for them to have a DIRECT experience of giving, without going through their parents, as a result they feel more included and engaged in blessing others.

Neuroplasticity and the study of conditioning behaviors have scientifically proven that the younger we practice the art of giving, the more likely we are to continue and improve our mental and physical health. Obviously, to see a positive end result is an added bonus.

Social Impact

GIVE is an ecosystem for fostering new experiences in our children which have also been demonstrated obtaining desirable outcomes in our affiliated experiments:

  • The Aflatoun experience in China, with 2,000 kids exchanging Aflatoun Notes with their own bank and supermarket on a daily basis.
  • The CHALK experience was sponsored by the Minister of Education of Israel, with 150,000 empowered students using the token every day to pay for goods and services including the card systems already in place in many universities and schools across the world. AppCoin/CHALK Co-Founder, Adi Karmon Scope has joined GIVE as an advisor.

Many global experts agree the future of money will use a combination of everyday “fiat” currencies (like, USD, Euro, etc) and digital assets or encrypted curriences with smart contacts. (like Ethereum, or GIV coin)

GIVE Nation enables children to play educational games and generate rewards in the form of a cryptocurrency or GIV Token. This not only provides children with a solid foundation in sustainable financial literacy for today, but our ecosystem is also designed to educate users to grow with the technological advances of tomorrow.

Children can use their collected, donated or awarded GIV Coins to automously make the decision to save, invest, spend, or give.

Some ask: Are kids are too young to make purchasing decisons?
We say ‘No’.

Young ones have the ability to spend all their GIV Coin on toys but don’t worry parents….

Our technology has a smart contact system in place. Adults can ‘veto’ actions if kids make an impulse or accidental purchase on our marketplace!

GIVE Nation is a safe and protected ecosystem.

The United Nations has 17 broad based and interdependent goals with targets and measurable indicators to ensure improvement for life on our planet. GIVE Nation has taken on the task of assisting in a better future and aims to tackle the global challenges presented.

The Sustainable Development Goals, or “SDG’s” are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. The Goals interconnect and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that we achieve each Goal and target by 2030.”

Join GIVE Nation‘s Compassion Classes to learn more on how to support the United Nations SDG’s!

Through gamification in a safe environment, creativity is unleashed and more potential avenues of earning coins will be established by GIVE kids, empowering entrepreneurship, creativity and fast decision making.

Allowing kids to own and manage their GIV tokens empowers them to make the choice to invest early on. Additionally, underprivileged kids with less purchasing power can earn their coins through inventing new services or products provided to other kids, or through volunteering to charities. This levels the playing field enabling children with less resources to purchase what they need.

Download the GIVE Nation Mobile App today.

of public school students are at or above proficient in grade four reading
of children arrive at school lacking the skills necessary for lifetime learning
Americans are functionally illiterate and cannot read above a fifth-grade level
of high school dropouts are on government welfare assistance programs
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