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Adryenn Ashley

#1 Woman in Blockchain / Film Producer

“Finally, a technology kids will enjoy. It’s brilliant to combine gaming with digital finance. Bringing education directly to your child and giving rewards for good behaviors makes GIVE Nation a must on every smart device. Learn. Game. Practice money, GIVE!”

Travis Wright

Bad Crypto Podcast /

“An ecosystem like GIVE Nation is rad. Finding a solution to both the problems within the public literacy programs and reducing the ecological footprint on the planet is a win-win. When you add their reward system for doing good, you have a no-fail profitable business that’s making a huge impact.”

Joel Comm

New York Best Selling Author, Do Good Stuff

“GIVE Nation is a comprehensive social impact cryptocurrency business where EVERYONE profits. Alyze and team give their hearts to produce remarkable work. GIVE has and continues to positively impact the planet.”

Alejandro De La Parra Solomon

Quantum Brain Research Institute

“GIVE Nation is a ground-breaking catalyst for positive change, seeding core humanitarian values in children, while edifying a vision of hope through education by doing. Our future depends on our capacity to learn, apply, create, and give back to each other.”


We aren’t the only ones trying to save the world, GIVE Nation has grown interest in the media!
Check out our Founders answering questions on GIVE Nation‘s mission, impact and technology that your kids can use to learn and change the world.

Bad Crypto Podcast Interviews GIVE

Fostering a Generation of Givers with Alyze Sam


Alyze Sam discusses the wonder and beauty of crypto and her mission to educate future generations to become compassionate givers though the GIVE Nation mobile app!

Bad Crypto Podcast #354
January 7, 2020

Bruce Porter Jr Interviews GIVE

Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019


Arnaud Saint- Paul, CEO before speaking at the AI and Blockchain Summit in Malta, stops for an interview with Bruce Porter of The Washington Elite.

Intercontinental Hotel, Malta
November 6, 2019

Bitcoin Family Interview

World Crypto Con Vegas 2019


Arnaud Saint- Paul, CEO and Advisor Didi Taihuttu speaking of the need and benefit of the GIVE Nation mobile app and currency.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
October 29, 2019

Kenn Bosak Interviews GIVE

Fireside Chat with Alyze Sam


Alyze Sam joins a fireside chat in a crowded comic book store to share the great work being done at GIVE Nation. Kenn and Sam go on to Miami to speak at Miami Blockchain week in Florida , USA.

Kenn Bosak Show
January 2, 2020

Crypto Confidence Interviews GIVE

The Crypto Confidence Podcast Episode 25


Maya Middlemiss was happily surprised when she brought some of the GIVE Nation Founders on her show. Enjoy Maya’s calming voice question Arnaud Saint- Paul and Alyze Sam everything you’d want to know about social impact technology.

France/Los Angeles/Spain
August 18, 2019