A Better World With Kids Who Give

Give a purpose to pocket money. Together, we truly make a difference, one young mind at a time.
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Kids & Parents

Parents will be able to monitor and supervise their kids’ wallets and transactions fostering kids’ creativity and enthusiasm.

  • Parents will set up rules through the delivery of specific chores by which coins will be transferred to each kid’s wallet. In other words, they will be able to specify vesting rules of monthly pocket money and other potential sources of coins coming from 3rd parties.
  • Such transactions will be specified on their app through the use of smart contracts which will then be executed each time such an event occurs.
  • Parents can buy GIVE coins in periodic intervals, ie monthly, weekly, etc
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    Creativity is unleashed and more potential avenues of earning GIV is established by GIVE Citizens, empowering entrepreneurship and fast decision making skills.


    Sustainably manage your allowance

    Our kids use GIVE to sustainably donate, save, invest, earn, and spend. They are able earn GIV coins by gifting time, learning, having good behavior and MORE.


    Support amazing charity campaigns

    Children donate to reputable charities, and retain the ability to track donations therefore they can directly measure their impact and see how their gifts make a difference.


    Purchase sustainable products

    Our citizens use GIV currency to make real transactions, in order to educate themselves using our curated marketplace.



    When people benefit from kindness they “pay it forward” by helping others who were not originally involved, and this creates a cascade of cooperation that influences dozens more. Kids can see the impact of what they GIVE through the app, through tracking the donation of their token. Ideally, kids GIVE and see the result in the person’s eye or life, strengthening the meaning and emotional link of such donation.


    Since 2012, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development or OECD has prioritized financial literacy as an important ability stating it should be taught in our schools. Sustainable Financial Management is a skill desperately needed to bring equality to the next generation. Source


    Buying sustainable products is part of a good financial literacy and as such is offered on the GIVE Nation. Sellers will be introduced to the ecosystem to further incentivize good behavior:

    • GIVE comes with a curated marketplace that provides kids with a vetted selection of products and services chosen by the parents of each school.
    • Kids will also be able to sell their own products and/ or services.
    • An example of such a third party is our sponsor and technology partner, qWallets, a blockchain platform focusing on education.
    • In the future, GIVE can even be programmed to trigger the release of more GIVE to a kid’s wallet. An example is child getting an excellent grade, volunteer work, or a visit to a health station.

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