GIVE Nation. For KIDS by KIDS

GIVE Nation encourages an altruistic culture in young minds, improving the planet through promoting acts of kindness. 

Future generations achieve happiness and a sustainable financial well-being through education and blockchain technology,

while choosing the best charities they believe in!

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Sustainable Finance

Money management is not taught in schools. GIVE shares education for FREE!


Two pillars for GIVE


Change the world by donating to your favorite charity or start your own!

GIVE Brings a “Better Tomorrow”!

 Play GIVßeta Now!

Make the world a better place by choosing your favorite charities and voting on campaigns using GIVßeta Tokens! 

Schools join GIVE Nation so kids can


Play & learn to earn! Get rewards for good deeds!


Watch GIV tokens or allowance add up in your very own wallet!


Gain education & opportunities! Practice your entrepreneur skills!


We support notable charities to save the world!


The free GIVE mobile app allows kids to manage their funds. They are taught and able to save, invest, donate and earn more funds.


For transparency and safety; transactions and record keeping are executed using smart contracts with blockchain technology.


We partner with reputable, honest and dependable businesses, so children can purchase products and services on our curated marketplace! 


Passionate about Saving the Sea Turtles!? WE ARE! Kids can promote their favorite products and charities! 


Always have  GIVE Nation through interfaces on desktops, mobiles or other portable wireless devices. 

In the case no computer or mobile device is available on campus, secure tablets may be implemented on your school’s campus.


Why GIVE’ing is Important

Jack Ma, CEO Alibaba was famously quoted during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, saying, “We cannot teach our kids to compete with machines. Teachers must stop teaching knowledge. We have to teach something unique, so a machine can never catch up with us. […] We need to be teaching our children values, believing, independent thinking, teamwork, care for others…these are the soft parts. The knowledge will not teach you that.” Source

“Generosity and compassion have been a focal point of research for decades, and studies have consistently shown that improved mood, better physical health and increased longevity are connected to giving Source.

It’s been known humans are born with an innate sense of compassion, recently science has provided evidence showing the benefits for fostering compassion; which includes an overall healthier future. Source.

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