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The Learn & Earn Compassion Challenge

The World is changing, creative Leaders Must unite!

Not only schools, but the entire world suddenly evolved into something humanity never expected…

 Contrary to recent events, millions of children were not yet receiving quality education and more lacked in financial literacy and soft skill development.

Despite uncertainty, there will always be a need for children to have access to sustainable literacy and learn the importance of kindness. Ensuring a sense of peace during times where panic and fear exist while rewarding humanitarian acts is a great start to building a better tomorrow. 

GIVE Nation is here to support kids. So, we are responding to you and your children’s needs with free virtual classes covering a wide range of fun but lighthearted topics. 

Together, Lets paint tomorrow's beauty

Adults are experiencing chaos.
Children are expressing fear.
GIVE Nation is artistically bringing kids a canvas of interactive learning and a reason to feel hopeful.

Taking our educational social impact course will allow your children to help make the world a better place and feel good about their decision to do so. 

As you know, GIVE Nation’s mission is to improve the planet and empower children, with the world changing there’s no better time to jump start our extensive virtual learning program that focuses on overall health and wellness, equality and quality education, emotional support and empathy. 

Inspired by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs) to save the planet, we’ve prepared a 12 week course where your “littles” (5-8), “deputies” (9-12) or “leaders” (13-18) will be challenged and want to come back weekly to enjoy virtual tours, fun learning, and engaging conversations with peers, parents and GIVE Nation instructors. 


How To Join The Fun

To gain access to our virtual classes, at no cost: 
REGISTER and then it’s easy as 1, 2, 3! 


Click here or visit classroom.google.com Sign in with your Google Account


In the top right corner hover over the +
Select “
Join class


Enter the age appropriate class code listed below and click “Join  


Call, Text, Email, Reach out on Social Media or Telegram and GIVE Nation staff will respond in a timely manner.

Bring Your Friends!

Chat online in a classroom setting with your school AND online friends, download the free comics, videos, and check the calendar for the Google Hangouts virtual classroom meetups. 
There’s online competitions, discussions, “show & tell,” and all of you have the option to take part in building a GIVE Nation video game that will help save the world!  

Class Codes

Superheroes in Training (ages 5-8)
Use code: elebeov

Ambassadors in the Making (ages 9-12)
Contact GIVE Nation 

Leaders of Tomorrow (ages 13-18)
Contact GIVE Nation 



Compassionate Learning at Home

GIVE Nation empowers young minds to become business savvy philanthropists while making the planet a better place by rewarding children for acts of kindness as they enjoy practicing sustainable literacy. 
GIVE Nation strives for future generations to achieve happiness and sustainable financial well-being through a real-world education ecosystem while supporting charities.  


Creative & Interactive Virtual Learning

GIVE Nation provides a challenging, fun and purposeful atmosphere.
Children become forward-thinking compassionate leaders as instructors give educational resources empowering kids to learn while earning!  

Use Real-World Mathematics for Good

GIVE mobile app allows children to practice saving, earning, learning and giving to causes.
They can create campaigns for their favorite non-profits and raise money for causes that mean the most to them.
Kids also get rewards for kindness and generosity!

Discover and Build Technology

Learn the science behind giving, technology to save the planet and ways children can make a difference.
Where else do students get to take part in building a video game, while learning to care for others!? 

Develop and Practice Soft Skills

Leadership, Teamwork, Flexibility, Dependability, Creativity, Effective Communication, Integrity and Passion are skills and characteristics everyone values and GIVE Nation is providing curriculum to enhance this special qualities.  

kids globally did not attend school in 2018 What will that number be in 2020?

Virtual Education, Compassionate Learning and free access to practice financial literacy, now.


of college students are optimistic about their financial future.

There's a few Billion Kids on the planet that need that now require sustainable literacy from home.

Make an Impact

GIVE Nation will celebrate as you watch your child blossom into a money conscious, business savvy philanthropist actively impacting the world, all the while practicing sustainable financial literacy in real time! Want to help?

Non-Discrimination Policy

GIVE Nation acknowledges its ethical and statutory responsibility to afford equal treatment and equal opportunity to all children and thus complies with all applicable laws and directives which promulgate non-discrimination and equality of opportunity.


Join GIVE Nation for a Better Tomorrow

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