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07 Mar 2019


“GIVE nominated ‘Company to watch’ at DigitalAgenda Impact Awards”

GIVE NATION receives today a "Company to watch" nomination at DigitalAgenda #ImpactAwards 2019. Come and join us to celebrate the Give Nation, #socialimpact, and more.

The DigitalAgenda Impact Awards celebrate technology innovations that improve people’s lives and the world around us. Now in their third year, the awards are open to any UK-operating business, government or non-profit using digital products or services for positive social impact.

Unlike other awards events, the Impact Awards offer super-engaging on-stage content and plenty of time for our guests to meet and connect with each other.

Our afternoon awards ceremony will celebrate the best in UK tech-for-good innovation across our 12 awards categories. We’ll hear from entrepreneurs, funders, academics and big business working to make a difference through their digital products and services.


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