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26 Jan 2018


“GIVE at Meetup: Blockchain For Social Impact & Financial Inclusion in San Francisco”

Our CTO, Zubair Ahmed, will be part of a panel at Stellar Meetup: Blockchain For Social Impact & Financial Inclusion on January 31st, 2018 at Stellar's offices in San Francisco, USA. He will talk about GIVE, inspiring more than 300 developers and entrepreneurs to make a local and global positive impact. The Speakers are: - Adeoye Ojo, Co-Founder of SureRemit (500 Startups / Remittance Service Built on Blockchain For the African Market) - Connie Gallippi, Founder & CEO of The BitGive Foundation (an American nonprofit organization that solicits bitcoin donations for use in charitable causes) - Zubair Ahmed (from Stanford), CTO of GIVE (works with Arnaud Saint-Paul, founder of GIVE & the VEDAS Venture Lab focused on social impact opportunities within IOT & blockchain) - Ben El-Baz, Stanford BC4G Research, Co-Founder of Stanford Graduate Blockchain Association

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