26 Dec 2019

Everipedia Gives Back to Children by Partnering with GIVE Nation!

“Everipedia Gives Back to Children by Partnering with GIVE Nation!”

Everipedia Gives Back to Children

by Partnering with GIVE Nation

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Everipedia, the world’s largest blockchain-based encyclopedia, and GIVE Nation, a children’s gamified wallet focused on teaching sustainable financial literacy program and altruism, announced a co-education sharing partnership!

GIVE Nation will be the first outside organization to build a custom front-end that interacts with the IQ Network. This is a major milestone for both organizations and is a perfect synergy for Everipedia’s mission to be the knowledge layer of not only blockchain but of web 3.0.

In this collaboration, GIVE Nation will be powering its content from a selection of Everipedia pages that are deemed age-appropriate for their audience. Furthermore, GIVE Nation will be uploading their lessons to Everipedia. The goal for this partnership is to provide a reliable platform for GIVE Nation to pursue its mission of educating children.

Everipedia currently boasts millions of monthly visitors from all over the globe who are curious about the world around them and counts Brave browser as one of their partners. GIVE Nation is providing a suite of financial literacy programs to children and encourages philanthropy through a number of activities. GIVE Nation has partnered with organizations and governments around the world to fulfill its mission.

We are looking forward to building a new ecosystem with Everipedia. This will be an essential piece of GIVE Nation’s media infrastructure, empowering millions of children around the world” states Arnaud Saint-Paul, the CEO of GIVE Nation.

Everipedia Director of Partnerships and Exchanges David Liebowitz adds that “We see GIVE Nation being the first of many partners that utilize our platform to foster learning for people of all ages worldwide. We are excited to be working on this together and look forward to making a substantial impact.”

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About Everipedia International

Originally started in 2015 as a more modern and inclusive alternative to Wikipedia, Everipedia is now building the world’s first peer-to-peer encyclopedia on the blockchain, incentivizing content creators by making them stakeholders in the knowledge base themselves. With millions of monthly unique users and millions of wiki articles, everipedia.org has already surpassed English Wikipedia as the world’s largest English encyclopedia by content. Find out more at Everipedia.org and follow Everipedia on Facebook and Twitter.

About GIVE Nation

By focusing on community driven education and including philanthropic actions; GIVE Nation helps 5–18 year olds with sustainable financial literacy while positively impacting their community through the power of altruism and partnered charities. GIVE offers unique education and opportunities for children, while providing a reward system for good behavior & charitable acts. GIVE Nation’s incubator retains features for our children within a safe ecosystem that’s been scientifically proven to not only generate business opportunities, but more importantly; GIVE Nation’s platform offers features for our children within a safe ecosystem to improve our planet and foster entrepreneurship, imagination, and altruism.

GIVE’s mission encourages an altruistic culture in young minds by improving the planet through promoting transparent acts of kindness. Future generations achieve happiness and sustainable financial well-being through a real-world education using digital currencies, blockchain and A.I. technology, while supporting charities. GIVE Nation is a world for kids by kids.

Help GIVE foster generosity and sustainable financial literacy!

Join our #GIVENation revolution on social media! Apply to be an Ambassador by contacting GIVE!
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of public school students are at or above Proficient in grade 4 reading

Americans are functionally illiterate and cannot read above a fifth-grade level

of children arrive at school lacking the skills necessary for lifetime learning

of high school dropouts are on government welfare assistance programs

We Need Your Help

GIVE Nation is a global social impact project with the goal of making a positive impact for a better human existence.

GIVE Nation
 provides support to empower children so they can take part in crafting a better tomorrow.

Our mission for change is achievable by partnering with advanced technology,  leading educational programs, moral businesses, transparent charities, and kids that want to ‘get ahead’.

Encourage your children to use the GIVE Nation mobile application and share it with your community to get rewards for giving today!

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