Fiscal Sponsoree

My What If Foundation, a not-for-profit AI organization, is developing a software-based self-help platform to enable individuals to reprocess traumatic events and find inspiration by rewiring their brains and establishing new perceptions.

My What If Foundation is now fiscally sponsored by GIVE NATION, which allows the foundation to receive charitable donations and grants. This partnership aligns with our nonprofit approach, adopting a startup mindset, agile methods, and cutting-edge technologies for greater impact and efficiency.


  • Providing mental health support and resources to veteran organizations.
  • Develop tailored support narratives for cancer patients and their families to address the psychological impact of diagnosis and treatment.

Use of Proceeds and IMPACT KPIs Pre-Launch:

  1. Platform software development, AI training
  2. User Acquisition
  3. Activation channels development
  4. Clinical trials and FDA clearance
  5. Staffing and donor outreach

Global Crisis Requires A Global Solution 

The escalating mental health crisis worldwide reflects a complex interplay of societal, economic, and personal factors, underscoring the urgency of prioritizing mental health and well-being on a global scale. 
Narratives and traumatic memories shape our behaviors and perceptions, leading to avoidance and limiting patterns in our lives. But what if we could reshape our perception of those events and create a new reality? 

We guide users to understand and navigate life's challenges by answering their 'what-if' questions, addressing regrets, fears, and aspirations, fostering acceptance of the past, and envisioning a brighter future within a supportive community.

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