Alone, we can do so little; 

Together, we can do so much

– Helen Keller

Everyone wins when a new generation chooses to practice humanitarianism
safely in a nurtured and fun learning environment!

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Birth of GIVE Nation

GIVE Nation was birthed from the Heartfulness Movement, lead by the Public Benefit Corporation, HealThruWords; known for inspiring more than fifty million people with positive energy through mindfulness, gratefulness, exercise and the use of positive affirmations.  It was in November 2017, the concept of GIVE Nation was introduced. Sponsorship was given with the statement, “Philanthropy shows commitment and selflessness, which are highly sought after characteristics for all humans. GIVE Nation brings love, education and improves the planet by means of giving.”


Meet Our Team

We are humanitarians consisting of multifaceted talents from a wide array of industries.

We desire partners to be both transparent and driven professionals with a passion to empower children and improve communities, globally.

The GIVE family is a dedicated, diligent team of technologists with a desire to ensure a better “tomorrow” by; philanthropy, educating kids and providing opportunities via our love for blockchain and iot.

Meet Our Advisors

Such an inspirational movement for all our kids. Happy to be a member of this fantastic community!

Melinda Sarah

Create for Kids Community

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