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02 Mar 2020


“Celebrate World Book Day with the UN, WHO & GIVE Nation.”

Celebrate World Book Day with the UN, WHO & GIVE Nation.

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Since 1995, the first Thursday of March every year the Ireland and United Kingdom race to place books in front of all eyes! This day celebrates creativity embodied by imaginative authors and illustrators that keep us inspired, ourselves. Dedication to literary art makes World Book Day a joyful celebration..

When we read, not only are we improving memory and empathy, but research has shown that it makes us feel better and more positive too. Science has shown that reading has some amazing health benefits, including helping with depression, cutting stress, and reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer’s later in life”. Business Insider states. Source.

Everyone has their favorite bedtime stories from childhood. World Book Day is a celebration to ensure those magickal fairy-tales live on and inspire generations to come.

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This day is extra special! There’s presents! “To achieve their goals, World Book Day has collaborated with National Book Tokens Ltd to provide every child and young person in the UK with a Book Token that can be redeemed for a book of their choice for only £1. Together, they were able to provide book token for over 15 million primary school students across the country.” Source.

The UK celebrated the first World Book day in 1995. The United Nations, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) embraced this celebration and started the holiday, together.

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If you’re looking ahead on the calendar and you spot April 23rd as World Book Day, you’re not mistaken. The holiday was changed in the UK during 1998 related to conflicts with St George’s Day, as well as Easter school holidays.

Since reading is FUNdamental, why not use both days to catch on on your favorite books!?

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  • Head to worldbookday.com and get involved!
  • Volunteer to read at a nursing home, library, hospital, or school.
  • Donate used books or go to a book swap.
  • Join a book club and discuss your favorite books with friends.
  • Make a ‘to read’ list and knock it out by this date next year.
  • Lay in a park and read.
  • Download some audio books and ‘read’ on the RUN!
  • Use the hashtag #WorldBookDay and share your favorite print with the world!
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By focusing on community driven education and including philanthropic actions; GIVE Nation helps 5–18 year olds with sustainable financial literacy while positively impacting their community through the power of altruism and partnered charities. GIVE offers unique education and opportunities for children, while providing a reward system for good behavior & charitable acts. GIVE Nation’s incubator retains features for our children within a safe ecosystem that’s been scientifically proven to not only generate business opportunities, but more importantly; GIVE Nation’s platform offers features for our children within a safe ecosystem to improve our planet and foster entrepreneurship, imagination, and altruism.

GIVE’s mission encourages an altruistic culture in young minds by improving the planet through promoting transparent acts of kindness. Future generations achieve happiness and sustainable financial well-being through a real-world education using digital currencies, blockchain and A.I. technology while supporting charities. GIVE Nation is a world for kids by kids.

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