26 Dec 2019

“Believe in Humanity” this Holiday Season

““Believe in Humanity” this Holiday Season”

“Believe in Humanity” this Holiday Season

GIVE Nation Gives to Change the World

It’s often said “Tis the season for giving!” At GIVE Nation, we are always in the season to give! annnnnnnnnd let me tell you why!

Generosity is a quality highly valued by societies all over the world and intuition tells us the act of giving is good….

but why does GIVE… give?

I love to see people smile. I feel joy when I know people are healthy, safe and happy. I give back because extending my love to others in the past, has proven a ‘ripple effect’ of blessings in my life. I feel loved and appreciated when others have what they need.” says Alyze Sam, Director at GIVE Nation.

When Arnaud Saint-Paul, CEO of GIVE Nation is stopped out of his busy day and asked “Why have you dedicated your everyday life to giving?”

Arnaud simply stated “….because, I believe in humanity”.

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What GIVE’ing Gives

“Generosity and compassion have been a focal point of research for decades, and studies have consistently shown that improved mood, better physical health and increased longevity are connected to giving” Source. a powerful quote from a widely trust health journal. I reference in our “Light Paper”.

Another known and respected medical article contributor, Positivity Psychology has stated, “It’s been known humans are born with an innate sense of compassion, recently science has provided evidence showing the benefits for fostering compassion; which includes an overall healthier future”. Source

That’s why GIVE Nation never ceases our mission. We’re healthy, happy and need your help to heal the planet!

Importance of Giving

Our mission for a better tomorrow has been scientifically proven as achievable through the United Nations ‘Sustainable Development Goals. Brilliant and globally recognized scientists are directing the world on how to stop and prevent further damage to our planet; while GIVE Nation empowers children to become real superheroes and join them in their pursuit of saving the world! Photo Source.

What is GIVE Nation?

GIVE Nation is a gamified ecosystem for children easily accessible on smart devices. Our “Citizens” enjoy learning and practicing sustainable financial literacy while being rewarded for philanthropistic actions!

GIVE transforms pocket money into a plethora of incredible opportunities, with the help from the partnerships of our successful educational platforms, charities and business partnerships; We teach kids to; save, invest, earn, spend wisely, and of course, to GIVE!

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GIVE Empowers Kids

When GIVE Citizens complete a task improving the planet, our technology will generate a digital recognition. This shows children that giving is not only rewarding in the long term, but can also have immediate benefit. Neuroplasticity and the science of conditioning behaviors have proven, the younger we practice the art of giving, the more likely we are to continue, improving our mental and physical health. Acting together, we can all support the planet and ensure future generations continue to make a positive impact in efforts for a better future.

Partnering with GIVE

The GIVE Nation Ecosystem is launching in primary and secondary schools located in London, allowing students nationwide to participate in our fun literacy program. GIVE Nation’s partnerships have ensured we will be scaling across multiple counties. We are currently on par to onboard 20–50 schools per month in 2020. During this rapid growth period, we have several celebrity ambassadors matching donations from children, as well as; public sales of eco-friendly products. GIVE also works with fortune 500 companies to sponsor education to children

“Knowledge is power!”

GIVE Nation is creating a global movement around giving and philanthropy, using blockchain technology as a foundation for transparency.

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Let’s Talk Money

Our digital currency is called the ‘GIV Coin’, it is a stablecoin only children 5–18 can use. Why? We are creating a nation for children. Kids are the citizens, adults are from another nation, by default, they use another currency.

Let me guess, you want to play with the GIVE kids, don’t worry…

A ‘GIVE token’ is produced so adults can participate in supporting youth with their financial, business, and humanitarian endeavors. Since the ecosystem allows outside trading with other ‘nations’ or ‘currencies’; parents, sellers, sponsors and partnered companies purchase GIVE token creating demand.

GIVE Nation is a unique NGO, related to the massive revenue generating business formulated by our loving children. As each kid signs their friends to also enjoy our interactive gaming, schools are onboarding quickly for access to highly sought after decentralized education. GIVE Nation’s economy is expected to be valued at half a trillion to a trillion dollars, and won’t stop there. We are scaling worldwide in an organized and structured manner with a business model that’s a free platform for everyone.

Despite being free to participate, GIVE Nation has a constant stream of revenue growth. Since there’s a small percentage on transactions in our curated marketplace between the GIVE coin and other currencies (like PayPal does!) When approved, partnering companies sell their items, we take a small fee and reinvest in the kids, again!

Anne Frank said it correctly, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” Photo Source.

There’s a huge social impact perspective that can be gained within the ecosystem we’ve created, which is why GIVE focuses on incorporating a spiritual component with our advanced technology, birthing altruistic acts, producing empathy and altering humanity’s current perspectives.

GIVE Nation is about manifesting an economy based on giving, not taking; which has unfortunately encompassed the last 200 years. It’s time to act for change, we are shifting the paradigm to invoke a generation to bring forth a better tomorrow with literacy and generosity.

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” Scott Adams

GIVE Nation is free for schools and retains the interactive ability to organize campaigns, too! A great example; fundraising for a class trip using personal or pre selected charities. With a customizable format and GIVE Nation’s supportive tech team optimizing the use of automated smart contracts; users’ have endless opportunities.


GIVE is deploying badges based on the 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ with the purpose of directing users towards the United Nations 2015 “blueprint for peace and prosperity”. The “urgent call for action by ALL countries” brought forth a “global partnership”. GIVE Nation has partnered with other famously known NGO’s (like UNICEF), to directly and quickly impact the globe, as the UN has demanded for all developed and underdeveloped countries. Source

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How to #GIVEBack!

Studies state that we need to plant 1 trillion trees to reverse climate change! GIVE Nation isn’t waiting and we know we can’t do it alone. For this reason we call on the biggest heroes of all; kids.

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So, let’s do this!

Help GIVE Nation sign school aged children onto our gamified mobile app.

  • Onboard your school for free education.
  • Tell your favorite business they’ll profit majorly supplying unique eco friendly products to our Citizens
  • Tell the most supportive charity you know, they can receive donations, gain awareness of their organization and be supported by a global non profit that’s changing the world by partnership.
  • Contact a team member for massive investment and scaling opportunities.

GIVE Nation Mobile App

Remember; improving the planets overall economic and and GIVE Nation wont stop because we must take care of our home! If we don’t, this planet will cease to sustain us.

We need your help to make a successful impact.

What’s better than helping kids, allowing them to lead us into a better tomorrow.

Please join us in making GIVE Nation a nation for all children and those desiring to change the world.

Help GIVE foster generosity and sustainable financial literacy!

Join our #GIVENation revolution on social media! Apply to be an Ambassador by contacting GIVE!

"GIVE" us a pat on the back for being a finalist in the Social Impact Project of the YEAR!

Arnaud Saint-Paul, CEO GIVE Nation, AIBC Summit Interview at the Malta, Intercontinental Hotel, November 6, 2019

Please watch GIVE Nation in our interview at the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit found here. Special “Thanks!” to our new friend, Bruce Porter Jr. of The Washington Elite!

Speaking of Washington Elite!; GIVE Nation is pitching at the startup competition! Then stick around to see Alyze Sam speak at The Washington Elite’s ‘AI Blockchain Summit’ on January 14th -15th, 2020 in Miami, Florida. If you’d like to be apart of this event, reach out to Alyze!

Buy tickets here.

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of public school students are at or above Proficient in grade 4 reading

Americans are functionally illiterate and cannot read above a fifth-grade level

of children arrive at school lacking the skills necessary for lifetime learning

of high school dropouts are on government welfare assistance programs

We Need Your Help

GIVE Nation is a global social impact project with the goal of making a positive impact for a better human existence.

GIVE Nation
 provides support to empower children so they can take part in crafting a better tomorrow.

Our mission for change is achievable by partnering with advanced technology,  leading educational programs, moral businesses, transparent charities, and kids that want to ‘get ahead’.

Encourage your children to use the GIVE Nation mobile application and share it with your community to get rewards for giving today!

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